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Our Services and Products

Production of sugar and other sugarcane by-products like molasses with a projection of producing 6 megawatts of power at full capacity. Currently, our sugar is available in 50kg, 25kg, 2kg and 1kg packaging.


The factory has a crushing capacity of 3,500 tons of cane per day. Besides the core product of brown sugar, we also have filter mud that is generated in the process of manufacturing sugar. The company’s principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of sugar and its by-products like molasses. The company has also installed transmission equipment to sell surplus electric power.

Our Corporate Strategy

  • Keep up with technological advancement and continuously update the company in the field of sugar technology.
  • Maintain all relevant technical and professional standards to be compatible with the requirement of the trade.
  • Gauge the market conditions and availability of substitute products and services and ensure quality with cost-effectiveness.
  • Inculcate efficient, ethical and time tested business practice in the Company’s management.



Busia Sugar Industry Limited employs over 1100 people, drawn from all regions of Kenya with a further 1200 seasonal workers also employed. The Company is also accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority, (NITA) and offers internship, management training programs as well as attachment to students in various courses available thus offering indirect employment of up to 3000 individuals.


Busia Sugar Industry Limited is one of the largest producers of Brown Sugar Companies in Kenya. It has the most modern equipment being maintained by highly trained personnel thus making it very competitive in the market. It is often referred to as ‘The Kenyan Giant Miller’. Even though it started milling in March 2019, the company has already taken up the market by almost half, maintaining a customer base of about 2000 large scale wholesalers and other 500 small scale wholesalers and shop owners.


Busia Sugar Industry Company Profile