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Who We Are

At Busia Sugar Industry Ltd., we are specialised in the manufacturing of sugar gotten from sugarcane supplied to us by sugarcane farmers majorly from Busia County and to a small extent from the border areas of Bungoma, Kakamega and Siaya Counties.

What We Do

The rich alluvial soils of the area are ideal for the cultivation of sugar cane which is an important raw material. The factory has a crushing capacity of 3,500 tons of cane per day. Besides the core product of brown sugar, we also have filter mud that is generated in the process of manufacturing sugar. We eventually supply the filter mud to our farmers as fertilizer to boost their yield. We also have molasses as a byproduct of sugar that we sell out to interested clients.

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We can provide our expertise for 24 Hours and 7 Days-A-Week! We are always here to assist our clients.

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Year 2011-2018

Start of Busia Sugar Industry

Attained Commercial Trade License in the year 2011
Constructions began in the year 2014 (Groundbreaking) to Completion in 2018.

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Year November 2018

Acquisition of Milling License

Attained our Milling License in November 2018 after teething problems.

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Year March 2019

Began Crushing

We Started Crushing.
The factory crushes and processes sugar at a milling capacity of 3000TCD.

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The Trusted Sugar
Busia Sugar Industry Prospects

Our Mission, Vision and Goal